Consulting & Coaching

Individuals: Do you learn better through one on one engagement and discussion?  Book me for a private, confidential coaching session tailored to your specific needs and questions around consent.

Couples/partners: Do you and your partner/s keep running into the same issues around consent?  I can help.  With years of experience navigating negotiation and consent conversations, I can help educate you and your partner/s on consent, identify where the issues are arising, and give you concrete tools and skills.

Groups/Organizations: Do you want to create a culture of consent in your group or organization?  This is where I excel and I can help.

My rate is $1000 for a full workshop or $150/hr for consulting. Travel expenses are extra and to be negotiated.   Sessions can be in person if you are in the Greater Houston area or online.  Please email me to book a session.

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